The Power of the Mind...

Those who know me know that I truly believe that the battle of the bulge begins in the mind. It is said that the human mind may have about 65,000 thoughts a day. Unfortunately, the subjects of focus are few and tend to be negative or worse, self-destructive. Take control of your thoughts, and your battle is won! Henry Ford’s famous quote, “Whether you think you can or can't, you're right," applies to everyone.

It’s easy to let the mind wander, or go back to the negative beliefs that keep you from success. You may have just decided to keep up a positive attitude and even posted a positive affirmation on the mirror. Then your mother makes a comment about your growing waistline and how it runs in the family. That thought takes over, and your actions follow that of a person who will always be overweight – it runs in the family. The media also helps to foster a hopeless outlook as it keeps telling us how hard it is to lose weight or if we do, we’ll just gain it back.

That’s why I strongly encourage the use of meditations, hypnosis, subliminal music, mantras and audio self-talk tracks. These are great reinforcement methods, and are very easy to use. To get you started, I’ve given you the script and even recorded audio tracks that you can download and replay whenever your attitude needs a positive boost. However, they’ll only work if you use them.

How to use:

  • Script: Read daily, as often as possible. To increase effectiveness repeat out loud (I repeat no less than 3 times).
  • Audio: Listen daily, as often as possible. To increase effectiveness repeat out loud (I do it while getting ready in the mornings and when I'm driving - people think I'm on a cell phone). Repeat with me and again in gaps provided.

I’m also a firm believer in the power of prayer. So I’ve also included a daily prayer for you to meditate on as well. For those who don’t believe in a higher power, I’ve also included a basic mantra without spiritual reference.

Please feel free to download and share – together we may be able to save lives, one slim body at a time (to download right-click on link and then choose “save target as”).

Best wishes,


Mantra for Health (no spiritual reference)

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